Hey Beloved! I’m Felicia Kaye, lovingly known as The Everyday Empress.

But, I wasn’t always the Royal Entrepreneur…

I crushed the odds of being essentially orphaned at birth and triumphed over sexual assault, domestic violence, and single parenthood to put myself through college emerging with 3 degrees. I am a Registered Nurse of 17 years, a Life Coach trained through the ICF accredited Gardner Institute, and Reiki Healer. I enjoy the adventurous life of an Entrepreneur traveling the world building multiple passive income streams while playing with dynamic friends.


Through Coaching, Retreats, or VIP days/weekends, I help you embrace your inner Princess by revealing the lost keys to your Royal Birthright. As a result you will take off the limits and live the fabulous, luxurious, exciting life you’ve always wanted, but never really believed you could have. With me as your companion shining light on your SUCCESS, you will joyfully bloom and enhance your Beauty, BOSS & Bank all along the way!

The Empress is a National Bestselling Author and champion for Your Royal Birthright of ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM, and HEALTHY LIVING that is yours if you truly desire “The American Dream.”





You are Divinely Designed to live abundantly in all aspects of our lives: spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially.

I am co-author of the Best Selling books Against the Grain, with Brian Tracy and The World’s Leading Experts, Fabulous New Life, Getting Naked with Our Truth, and Author of soon to be released, Princess, Get Out of YOUR Dungeon! If you feel moved to find out more, I invite you to view my product offerings here!


From the flutter of an eyelash to the flip of a skirt, Felicia knows all about being the ultimate empress and is excited to share the secrets of her success.
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