Break Energy-Wasting Habits

Break Energy-Wasting Habits


I think we’ve all been at that place where we are doing things we know we shouldn’t do. Activities and habits that take us away from our true purpose. But how do we break the cycle?

One of the most effective ways to develop personal power is to break energy-wasting habits that don’t serve you. Most people have an extraordinary amount of personal power that they wake up with every day, but they are expending it in their habits and exhaust themselves by the end of the day.dec-12

Very often, people commit to make a change in their life yet they don’t have a reserve of personal power to draw from in order to be successful. In order to be successful at making changes we will first need to gain a reserve of personal power to draw from. One of the first ways to gain power is to first stop doing some things so you have the energy that used to go into being busy. It’s just like time in your day. If you were going to add exercising at the gym to your schedule then you would need to eliminate something else from your schedule so you would have the time. The same is true for personal power. If you want to focus your attention on a new habit of going to the gym, then you need to pull your attention away from something else that has your attention.

My encouragement to you for 2017 is to break those annoying little habit that get in the way of your destiny. Do it now!

To your success!

Felicia Kaye


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