Changing Your Awareness

Changing Your Awareness


So, I’m with you. You decided to change. Felt the bug. Got hyped. And now you’re like… what do I do next? The first step is to change your point of view.

When you become aware that you are not a mental concept in somebody else’s mind then the other beliefs start to fall apart as well.  If you are not their mental concept then what they think doesn’t matter as much and they can’t hurt you emotionally.  Changing your awareness in a false belief about yourself affects your whole system.

dec-19Changing a core belief is surprisingly easy. You simply stop believing in them.  It doesn’t take much effort to not believe something.  However it does take some effort to develop the awareness to identify them.

It sounds simple but does require some work.  There is also one very important step in the process that is often missed.  You have to change your point of view in order to change a core belief.  Where you shift your point of view in your mind is critically important.  Certain points of view will make it easy to dissolve a core belief and others will stop the process.

If you are judging the beliefs you find, or yourself for having them they become stuck. When in judgment you also create and believe a judgment story about your beliefs.  When this happens you have built a layer of story and beliefs on top of the existing core belief.  The new point of view you adopt must be free of judgment about the core beliefs you identify.

My encouragement for you today is to allow yourself to be free of judgment… of yourself. Change one belief and give it time. You can do it! I believe in you!

To your success!

Felicia Kaye

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