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The phrase Against The Grain has been in known written use since the early 17th century, but its meaning has not changed over the years. In 2013, we apply this phrase to non-traditionalists who work outside of the norm or commonly-accepted thought patterns.

Entrepreneurs, in particular, are well-known for using this non-traditional approach to attain success in their unique endeavors, and the Celebrity Experts® in this book have survived and thrived in the midst of the constantly-changing marketplace – going Against The Grain. Successful entrepreneurs, including our Celebrity Experts ®, have often made decisions that appear unusual and go Against The Grain.

They carefully assess the conditions and make decisions that many would claim foolhardy, risky or illogical. However, they are not bystanders – they have achieved their goals! Have you? The Celebrity Experts® in this book include entrepreneurs, mentors and coaches. They go a step further and empower you with the secrets of their success.

To the reader who wants to enjoy success, these Celebrity Experts® will share proven ways to move forward with their plans,the mindset required and the way to do it. They will be formidable guides. So, to move forward, follow the Celebrity Experts® and go “Against The Grain.”


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