Successful People Get Things Done

Successful People Get Things Done


Successful people have the ability to get things done, whether they are climbing the corporate ladder, making the world a better place, or transforming their personal lives. But some people are more effective in these endeavors than others. What’s the secret to personal power?

Most successful people will fall into two groups: those with a strong will, which is the drive to take on big challenges, and those with expert skill, which is the ability to turn challenges into accomplishments. A successful person’s will expresses itself as ambition, energy, and focus. To exercise your personal power you need to strengthen your self-knowledge, confidence, empathy with others, and the capacity to tolerate conflict.

jan-2In order to succeed, you need ambition, which means you need to work hard, make sacrifices, and persevere when things aren’t going well. People who don’t have a driving ambition tend to get discouraged or sidetracked.

Successful people also exhibit more energy than unsuccessful people. Stamina counts: you have to be willing to work harder and longer than those around you if you expect to succeed. In order to maintain such a pace, you need to eat well and exercise regularly.

Successful people also exude confidence, which increases their influence and power. In every situation, those around you will try to figure out whether or not they should take you seriously. Because people tend to associate confident behavior with actual power, you’ll have more influence if you come across as confident and knowledgeable.

My encouragement to you today: Faith it till you make it! When you believe in yourself more than anyone else, the world will believe in you too!

To your success!

Felicia Kaye

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