Susan Paschall, RN


I have had several sessions with Felicia Kaye as a Life Coach and she was able to change my look on how I was living and my self destructive behaviors that I didn’t see. She listens and really understands without judgment. I could tell her anything and I always ended my sessions enlightened. God Bless her!!!

Femi Olasupo


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Barbara Farmer, MA


Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant, Owner R&B Associates – Watch video testimonial.

Zenovia Andrews

CEO and Business Systems Coach

I am so blessed to know Felicia Kaye. I immediately discerned her transparency and pure spirit. She is an amazing woman and is changing so many lives! If you are looking to increase your confidence, earn income from several revenue streams and learn business from someone who understands the process of tearing down limitations, then Felicia Kaye is your coach!

Jon T. Whatley

AWAKENINGS Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit Alignment

I’ve been a therapist working in the Mind-Body-Spirit therapy-field for 18 years. I have received and given many sessions over the years. When I work with someone I am looking to go deep and get to the core. Felicia Kaye’s skill level is that of someone who has been doing life coaching for 20 years or more. She is gifted in her ability to keep the client focused, getting to the core and giving the client a fresh new perspective which leads them more into an empowered state.

Matt Morris

The Unemployed Millionaire NYT-Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur.

Felicia Kaye is an amazing life coach, consultant, and friend. I’ve seen her coach women to fabulousness in the area of overall confidence and goal completion. I’ve always recognized that this girl is on fire! She has a heart filled with beauty, passion, and incredible natural power for leadership. It is great seeing her in action sharing her gifts to support emerging entrepreneurs, amazing women and awesome business owners in multiple industries in the areas of confidence and success.

From the flutter of an eyelash to the flip of a skirt, Felicia knows all about being the ultimate empress and is excited to share the secrets of her success.
If you are looking for in-depth coaching to walk you through steps to shift your life and transform your thinking, start your journey here.
Many are talking about the Everyday Empress, Felicia Kaye. She is transforming lives, healing hearts and igniting dreams. See what they have to say!
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