What I Know For Sure

What I Know For Sure

It has taken me a minute to get to this mindset. Some of us don’t realize how detrimental our own voice can be and how interrelated the things we tell ourselves on the regular either power or undermine our success. I never really had anyone to speak into my life growing up a closet entrepreneur without parents. Unfortunately, it took me years to understand that most people weren’t going to understand me and even fewer were even going try. So, I went on a journey to understand myself and what was holding me back.

Realizing that everybody couldn’t say crazy stuff to me if I really was going to be successful; SOMEBODY, had to be a loving, encouraging, consistent, visionary in my life. So, I made a choice to make it me. I had to figure out how to become my biggest cheerleader. As much as I like to hear good things about myself from other people, I understand that those words and opinions can turn upside down in a heartbeat. So, what is really real? What’s real and who will always be here for me, is me.

After walking on fire with Tony Robbins, I decided that MY VOICE is the only one that I will believe. Scripture told me that the knowing of truth had been placed inside me. So, I made a conscious choice to learn how to hear that truth and stop believing the lies that my previous experiences had taught me. Because, we straight up don’t even think about the things we say to ourselves. And that is the core of building anything. So, I got a life coach and then became a life coach.

I surround myself with those who are also seeking to become their own greatest friend and in doing so we become great friends to others. Negativity is my biggest pet peeve. I can’t tolerate it in others so, how could I tolerate it in myself? Remember, we teach the world how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves.
Believing that God / The Universe is for me and not against me and that all things work for my good exceedingly and abundantly above and beyond anything I could imagine, what is there to worry about? So, I do my best in the moment and joyfully wait for the beautiful exceedingly abundantly above expectation part! At the end of a goal or project, if I don’t see the desired outcome or succeed in the way I expected, I remain grateful and look to find the lesson.

Being at peace and knowing that even the acknowledgement of the inconsistency of the outcome is evidence that there’s a better me possible. Growth excites me, that means there’s more potential for more. When you do your best, have no worries, and always find a way to HAPPY, no wrinkle dares to come. And believe it or not, what we think about we really do bring about. We’re crazy powerful. So, gotta watch what we’re saying.

Blessings, y’all! Stay Beautiful from the inside.



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