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Hi, Princess! I’m Felicia Kaye, lovingly known as The Everyday Empress. Welcome to SUCCESS by Divine Design Lifestyle Coaching. 

I wasn’t always the Royal Entrepreneur. I overcame staggering obstacles  to be here with you today. Most of my life I felt alone. Have you been there? My desire is for no princess to feel alone in the search for the desires of her heart. Through my journey I’ve discovered that not only am I a Royal, but you are too!

As a Transformational Coach, I help women just like you, break through limiting beliefs regarding their potential to live a luxurious, high-quality life. By partnering with me through personal coaching, conferences, exotic retreats, or VIP days/weekends, I help you unveil the conditioned limitations in your life and replace them inside out with unlimited beauty and power. As a result you will attract the healthier, wealthier, happier life you’ve always dreamed about but, never really believed you could have. 

I understand the challenges you face are real — and that your spiritual, mental, and financial well-being are pivotal on you taking action to solve these challenges.

Let’s create the elegant solution… together.

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